Creative writing is enjoyable and fun and yet for those writers who yearn to make their creativity pay, the journey can be a long and frustrating one. Whether writing a novel or non-fiction book, writing short-stories or hoping to become a freelance writer, why not take the tried and tested way towards success?

Writing and publishing can be a daunting process and this is why Creative1 Publishing was designed to help make the process more simplistic and yet, rewarding. Whether you require a ghost writer, editing or proofreading or marketing for your already published book, we can help. Choose from our selection of Book Genius Publishing Services and make sure your creative pursuits are rewarded.

Creative1 Publishing is expanding and we want to help our readers reach the dizzy heights of publishing success. If you have any questions as to what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us here: contact@creative1publishing.com




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The publishing industry has become complex. At one time, it was an uphill struggle to gain a publishing contract. It was hard work and frustrating and many new authors – even good ones, rarely managed to rise above the slush pile. Authors at least knew what they must do if they wished to obtain success.  They had to expect rejections, lots of them and rise above them. They had to start working on their next book hoping that this would be the one to make an agent sit up and take notice.

But now, self-publishing has become mainstream and it opens up a great many opportunities for success and any author who is prepared to work hard and to make self-publishing work for them can do so – albeit with a helping hand. Continue reading “Book Genius Publishing Services”


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Here at Creative1 Publishing, we are aware that you need a vast array of skills and a keen insight into the publishing industry if you wish to become successful. With this in mind, we have created some interesting and very exciting events – some directly related to writing and publishing and others, like public speaking where you can reach out to your audience and speak with confidence. But we won’t stop there, soon, we’ll have a long list of training events and digital training courses that will help you not just in a creative sense but in all aspects of the industry. Continue reading “Events”


Author & editor Annette Young

Creative1 Publishing is the brainchild of Annette Young who has been involved in the writing industry for over 15 years in a professional capacity. An author of 16 books, she is also a successful freelance writer and editor of The Creative Competitor. For over 6 years, Annette taught adult learners creative writing and journalism at college in the UK. She now provides writing and marketing courses and events several times a year.

Over the years, Annette has helped a great many freelance writers and authors to achieve their dreams of publication. Annette is the editor of the Book Genius Publishing Services through Creative1 Publishing.