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Services for authors

We provide a full array of author services and deal with traditionally published books as well as self-published. Our ethos is that the book must be as professional as it can be – polishing those words, ensuring the formatting is correct and that the book is marketed well. We offer a multitude of services to ensure that your book reads well and that you are choosing the right niche if self-publishing. We look at the potential of your book and endeavour to place your book so that it takes centre-stage in a crowded marketplace.

So what do we offer?

We provide professional manuscript critiques, editing and proofreading, ghost-writing services, and in-depth book promotion services. We can help you to get on the Amazon best-seller list by identifying the correct niche and categories and we can provide book publicity so to get plenty of attention for you and your book. Our services are varied. You can request that we take over the whole publishing process, or, simply select the services you need when you need them. Our aim is to make the route to publication success as seamless as possible.

Take a look at the list of services and writing and publishing opportunities below.

Publish Your Books With Us

Welcome to our publishing centre. We are in the process of taking manuscripts in so to publish through our brand. Click here to take a look.

Book Genius Publishing Services

The Book Genius Publishing Services

When you first start writing and publishing books, you may worry about the costs as purchasing individual publishing services can send the price sky-rocketing over budget. For a professional service, there must be costs but we try to provide an excellent service for the price. Simply, your success is our success and so, we want your book to do well.

We created our Book Genius service with three levels of service – choose from our Silver, Gold, and Platinum service and each provides a variation of editing and proofreading, manuscript formatting, press releases and so on.

We also provide book marketing to give your book that all-important first push. Take a look here.

All the services are available separately. Just email us if you are unsure as to your needs:

Professional Manuscript Evaluation Service

Manuscript Critique

Are you confident that your book is well-written? Is it ready for publication? We can establish the standard of your words and provide advice as to the areas which need improvement. A professional evaluation gives you peace of mind and confidence in your words after all, it is all-too easy to miss vital elements that could lead to negative reviews.

We often see character name changes, plot holes or feel that characters are 2-dimensional.

This service is hugely popular and we can provide a partial critique or, assess the whole book. Click here to find out more.

Editing and Proofreading Service

Editing Service

Whether you have written a novel or non-fiction book we can help. Our editing and proofreading service provides an in-depth service and assesses the structure of your writing, line by line correction, or we can provide developmental editing. If you would like to know more, click here for details.

Literary Agency

We operate as a literary agency in the non-fiction SELF-IMPROVEMENT niche. We are happy to receive emails from authors looking to gain traditional publication. If you are looking for representation, please email us and mark the subject line – Literary Agency Request. Provide a brief summary of your book and your intended audience. We will contact you if we require the opening chapter for review. Do not send manuscripts until we have requested you do so.


Book Publicity

Book Publicity
Publicity for Authors

When you spend so much time crafting your book, you owe it to yourself to ensure that your book launch is as successful as it can be. You can trust us to create an attention-grabbing promotional package that puts your book firmly in the spotlight. Our book publicity service identifies effective hooks and unique angles on which to launch your book. We promote YOU the author and not just your book. There is so much we can do for you.

Take a look at the services here and also, email us if you have any questions:

Press Release

Book marketing

You probably thought writing your book was difficult but, what you possibly didn’t consider was the agonising pain of book promotion. Rest assured, you are not the only author to find it a daunting task or to ponder the starting point.

With so many books out there, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Never underestimate the power of a professional press release.  Our service is highly-targeted and serves to create a buzz about your book. We take the time to get to know you and to develop a strong angle to ensure your book is in the spotlight. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that press releases are only for celebrity authors. The media is hungry for new stories and we can help identify vital trends and areas.

Social Media Marketing

Book promotion

Social media marketing is so important. It has become a key element to current day book promotion. You can have the best book but if no-one knows it is there, it will not sell. We have some wonderful options for you. We can promote your book via Twitter and you can also combine this with our book listing service for added benefits. Send us the details of your book to

The 3-day campaign costs £8.50, the 7-day campaign costs just £15 and the 30-day campaign only costs £49.Book your promotion here:

Add to Book Marketing Sites

We try to make book promotions as easy as possible. We have listened to authors and work to help authors create their brand. We can add your book details to the book marketing sites that really deliver. This works well for new releases or for target book promotion.

There are so many sites providing book marketing opportunities but not all work. We streamline the process saving you time and money. As authors and editors, we know the book promotion and publishing industry inside-out. Yes, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry as a whole. As such, we’ve identified what is needed if authors really wish to sell more books.

We know that people do not always have time to search for the best sties and so, we do this for you. We also upload all the details to each of these sites. This saves you 2-3 hours typically. We charge £28 per hour and so, a maximum of £84.

Please note that this does not include the fees payable to the book promotion sites.

We always discuss the charges with you once you have booked the service so that you are aware of the full charges. We cannot stress how effective this service is and as you gain more downloads, you will find this turns into coveted book reviews.

Book Proposal

Book Proposal Service

Would you like to have your non-fiction book published traditionally? We can help you to catch the eye of a publishing house or agency if this is the direction you would like to take. We craft tightly-written non-fiction book proposals to help you take that next step. The cost is £95 currently – usually, £150 Contact us here.