Authors – Should You Create Your Own Blog?

There’s no doubt that blogging is huge and for some, it’s profitable too but, as an author, should you create your own blog? To determine this, it’s best to consider what you are trying to achieve and this way, you can plan a strategic rather than a creative approach to your blogging endeavors.

create your own blog

The blogging conundrum

Blogging has great potential. Many people love it because it gives them a chance to vent or share their thoughts by way of an online journal. But, is it really worth it? From an author’s perspective, it can be useful to create an online presence providing it is regular and you have a plan of action. When you consider the time spent to set up and provide content for your blog, any money that you expect to make is going to potentially be low in comparison to the amount of hours in which you are investing. So, this will be a labour of love in the first instance.

If you have little to no idea what you want to blog about, but, you fancy doing something creative, then, go ahead, a blog enables you to test your creativity but it’s also a sharp learning curve too.  If you are a methodical, forward-planning individual, you may want to create your own blog for these reasons.

1. Create your own blog and form your writing platform

create your own blog

If you want to get yourself known as a writer, a blog can help you to do just that. Define your ideas, think about each post carefully and plan ahead. It makes sense to create quite a few blog posts and schedule them in advance. This takes the pressure off you when you don’t feel like writing or, if life gets in the way.

2. Create your own blog so to incite interest in your books

create your own blog

Yes, blogging can help you to get your audience interested in up and coming books. There’s no doubt about it. Blogging has a far reach providing you do it right. But, it’s not all about being creative. It’s about using keywords, yes, SEO (search engine optimisation) is still important. It’s about considering the steps towards your concept, the writing of a book and the whole marketing process.

A blog can act as a teaser, it can create hype, it can help you sell those books further down the line. It can also help you to organise your thoughts so that you know what you must do. But, a successful blog takes planning and preparation.

3. Create your own blog so to market your books

create your own blog

In the online world, there’s a fine line between writing, marketing and overdoing the whole SELL, SELL, SELL process. So, if you want to captivate and engage the readers, you need to be smart. Don’t make everything about your book, unless the whole purpose of the blog is to share your process, but rather, let readers into your life.

Share your thoughts and feelings and share your inspirations and those difficult to write days. There are ways and means in which to sell to others and the best way of doing so, is to reach out to them and to engage with them like..well, human beings. It works. Hard sales do not. Readers are savvy. They know when they are being over-sold something so, be careful.

4. Consider the longevity of your blog

create your own blog

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What are you going to write about and does it have longevity? Can you sustain an ongoing blog about your subject? If you have set up an author site and your blog is a part of that, it can be on any aspect of your life giving the chance for readers to get to know you. But if you are writing just about your book,  consider what you will write about when it is published. The blog content will also determine the title of your blog, so plan ahead.


Ultimately, having a blog can be a good thing for authors. But, plan it carefully before you start. Many people make the mistake of rushing into blogging but, don’t consider their long-term plans and that’s a mistake.


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