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Book Promotion

You probably thought writing your book was difficult but, what you possibly didn’t consider was the agonising pain of book promotion? With so many more opportunities out there now for authors to have their work published, it can be incredibly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Book promotion is one of those areas where you have to throw your all into the ring and to accept that book promotion is a vital part of your book’s success.

book promotion

Book promotion made easy

With this in mind, here at Creative1 Publishing, we have listened to our authors and we know how difficult it is to brand yourselves and to develop a following. So, we are here to streamline the whole process of book promotion and publicity. As authors and editors, we know the book promotion and publishing industry inside and out and yes, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry as a whole. As such, we’ve identified what is needed so to help authors SELL more books.

Add to Book Promotion Sites

There are numerous book promotion sites – some are great and others are not so good. Do you know the difference? We do. If you are not careful, you can easily fall into the search and listing void that can quite simply drain you of time and energy. Oh, and it can be costly too. So, why not let us do it? We charge just £25 an hour to select and upload your book details to the best sites – free and paid-for promotions. Whether you are about to launch your book or, are hoping to give your book a much needed push up the charts, we can help.

Email: and let’s discuss your needs.

Twitter Book Promotion

Send us the details of your book and we will provide you with a  whole month’s marketing through Twitter in combined accounts and we add your book to the Book Bubble Facebook page too. In total, your book will be seen by up to 43,000 book lovers. Wow.

Book promotion

This is a successful way to promote your book and we know the tricks of the trade. It costs just £49 for the full campaign (Yes, 30 days) and we create vibrantly noticeable tweets that intrigue and captivate all who see them. We can add images and, video if you have some, just send us the details. In addition, we provide you with statistics at the end to show how many people visited your book sales pages. Want to book your Twitter promotion and reach over 43,000 book lovers? Contact us with your PayPal details and we will invoice you. Alternatively, click on the PayPal button below, pay just £49 and book your Twitter Book Promotion. Don’t forget to email us with details of your book. We require Amazon URL’s for the UK and US and we will also promote your book via your website too.

Book marketing

Love the Book Bubble

Want a one-off listing of your book to over 13,000 people on our FaceBook Love the Book Bubble page? It’s FREE. Yes, seriously, we will help you to extend your reach to an entirely new audience. We would appreciate that you click LIKE on our FaceBook page and join us. Please send details of your book – Amazon URL direct to your book page and we will happily post details of it to Love the Book Bubble. If you are running a promotion, please tell us what day you would prefer us to schedule the promotion and we will try to oblige.

Book Back Stories (In production)

Readers love the inside scoop on a book and what could be better for authors than to share the inside workings of their imaginations with those who may want to purchase their books?

5 Reasons to Read

Book promotion

Sometimes, readers need to be convinced to part with their hard-earned money and so, as the author of a book, you can probably think of numerous reasons as to why a reader should do so. After all, you’ve spent so much time laboriously conjuring up those words so to intrigue, inform and captivate. It’s time to ignite your imagination and set up a book promotion with 5 Reasons to Read. It’s FREE right now so, seriously, help others to click buy and boost your sales! We promote books every day through Twitter and Facebook. Email us: