Crime Fiction Writing Course

Crime fiction is hugely popular. There is a thirst for strong crime fiction stories with fascinating characters and believable crime scenes. If you would like to write short stories or novels with a crime angle, then this writing course is for you.

What makes for an outstanding crime story?

It is all about taking a slice of life and creating strong fictional scenes. We consider the psychology of the human condition and what might make one person do the unthinkable – that of taking the life of another. Or perhaps, you want to craft a police procedural story or, write about cyber crimes, kidnap or blackmail? Whatever the crime, this writing course will help you because we strip back the layers of story-telling. This means you have the strong foundations in place so to develop your story.

We have taken all the elements of the great crime novels and translated them into tangible writing techniques to help you bring your writing to publication standard. Solid information interlaced with creative tasks will help you put all of the techniques into play.

Crime Fiction

We are based in the UK so please allow time for us to send you the writing course. This is especially important if you reside in another time zone. If you would like the course sent to an alternate email than the one listed on your PayPal account, please email us at:

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