We recognise the importance of your book. You have been working on it a long time, it is a part of you. We provide you with the support you need throughout to make the whole publishing process simpler and enjoyable.  Take a look at just some of our endorsements here:

Book Promotion, Press Releases and Categories and Keywords

As a writer, handing your work to someone else to comment or market can be difficult. However, working with Annette is a great experience. She understands the process of writing, getting a book to the reader and the marketing, both from an industry perspective and as a writer in her own right. I would have struggled with many aspects of my latest book launch without the help of Creative1 Publishing and I wish that I had signed up with them for my first book. One thing that I have to call out specifically is how much bang was obtained for not that much buck. This is a very cost-effective, time-effective and all-round effective solution for indie authors that need a hand.

Mark Long – author of In the Image of Man

Editing, Proofreading, Kindle Conversion and Marketing

Annette Young is an excellent, professional, editor. She provides a complete service, including guidance and support. As a novice author, I had a lot to learn and Annette was very patient, supplying clear and helpful advice throughout the whole process. She not only supported me and helped me thrash out ideas, she proofread my manuscript and converted the document for kindle publishing. Her assistance continues, with her full support, and I’m excited about continuing this partnership. 

M. Burns

Book Editing

I partnered with and invested in you on a journey to reconcile my vision of my manuscript with the way my prospective readers will see it—ultimately producing a book that says exactly what I wanted to say. You shed new light on my work, making it possible for me to see it from different angles, capitalizing on the manuscript’s strengths and rooting out any problems and that’s what you have done.  Thank you.

Alex Tyrer – Author of Teddy the Cat That Came to Stay

Book Editing, Proofreading and Marketing

Annette Young is the editor of my book Detox For Living, Natural Cleanses For Modern Disease.  I found Annette to be incredibly thorough when it came to editing my book and gave feedback and communicated efficiently wherever necessary.  Annette was also responsible for uploading and editing my book into Kindle Amazon, which was not an easy task, as my book contains many tables and charts.  She is also responsible for the marketing and promotion of my book and has been invaluable in her knowledge in the execution of my e book, lifting it to greater and greater heights.  Detox For Living so far has reached the number one position in the health category of Amazon Australia in March, April and May 2016. number 2 in the UK and number 29 in the USA!  I had no expectations of my e book doing any where near as well as this, and give great thanks to Annette Young for her expertise in the editing and marketing of my book.  Otherwise Detox For Living would only have remained a drafted manuscript sitting in the cupboard!   I can only recommend Annette highly for her invaluable skills in editing and marketing, you are in fabulous hands!   

Miriam Young, Medical Herbalist & International Best Selling Author