Creative1 Publishing

Here at Creative1 Publishing, we are aware that you need a vast array of skills and a keen insight into the publishing industry if you wish to become successful. With this in mind, we have created some interesting and very exciting events – some directly related to writing and publishing and others, like public speaking where you can reach out to your audience and speak with confidence. But we won’t stop there, soon, we’ll have a long list of training events and digital training courses that will help you not just in a creative sense but in all aspects of the industry.

Public Speaking

This public speaking event helps you to stand up in front of an audience and be able to talk with confidence on your book or subject of your choice. It’s ideal for anyone who wishes to overcome their nerves and to enjoy their time in the spotlight. If you are looking to increase your business potential or, to change your career, click here.

WordPress eCourse

Have you always wanted your own website? As an author or writer, you should be building your brand on a daily basis and need a site where dedicated readers can find out more about you. Having a website designed for you can be costly and so, we’ve put together the best training courses on website design using WordPress that you can get. It’s simplicity itself and designed for anyone – yes, even those who are not technical. Find out more here.

Book Marketing – Coming Soon

When you’ve laboured long and hard over the creative process for your book, you may hope that your book will just fly off the shelves without much prompting, but sadly, in this competitive climate, writers need an edge. This event shows you the  nuts and bolts of book marketing so that you can streamline the process marketing smartly and effectively.

Self-Publishing – Coming Soon

Want to write a book but don’t know anything about self-publishing. This fabulous one day event shows you everything you need to know about self-publishing while avoiding the many, costly pitfalls that litter the way towards success.