First Chapter Evaluation

We know how difficult it can be to edit and review your writing with impartiality. It is easy to miss errors when you have been deeply immersed in your manuscript or to know how engaging your opening paragraphs are. That’s why we have put together this limited time special evaluation offer.

We provide that all-important partial but professional review of your words so that you can be sure that your manuscript is written well and has the potential to be a great read once published. Our evaluation is thorough. We assess all aspects of your opening chapter to ensure that your words are as professional as they can be. We provide feedback on characterisation, dialogue, setting, writing style, dramatic quality and so on.

Send us your first chapter – maximum 5,000 words and pay just £9.95. Please allow up to 14-days for completion.

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This offer is available until September 30th 2020.

Pay £9.95 here.