Publishing A Book? You Might Be Making A Big Mistake

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by Annette Young

These days, it’s seemingly a lot easier to write and make your book accessible to the general public but that doesn’t mean it is without its pitfalls. You may have spent months or even years writing your book, so, you have to do everything that is humanly possible to put it into front of the right people. If you are seriously considering publishing a book, you need to make sure you are not making a very common mistake.

Gone are the days when an author could sit back and relax on their creative laurels, feet up and just waiting for the royalties to roll on in. Nowadays, the responsibility for marketing lies solely on your shoulders. Scary? Well, yes but, you must plan out a professional plan of action if you wish to send a media shockwave out about your book launch. Too often, writers overlook this aspect of the publishing process.

One vital element of book marketing is the good old press release but, even if you have published a book already, you may not have used it yourself. Why? Most people, mistakenly, think that they don’t need it, after all, it’s only for the big names, or for businesses, right? Wrong. These days, press releases are and should be, for everyone. If you have a book launch, then you need a press release that is going to hook the attention of the media. Non-fiction or fiction, why are you not maximising your potential to tell the whole world about your book?

Many writers, even the most successful, do not know how to write a press release properly. It takes a different mind-set, it’s true. But, that shouldn’t stop you from either having a go, or, having a professional press release created for you. There are no guarantees when it comes to book marketing, so, the press release could send the media into a frenzy or certainly, create enough attention to give your book a solid launch or, it may not work for you in terms of journalistic buy-in.

At the very least, it will distribute the details of your book to a wide audience and a variety of websites, where you can also, publish details via social media. You can also use your press release for local marketing purposes.

Here at Creative1 Publishing, we believe whole-heartedly in the power of the press release for book marketing. If you really want your book to be successful, you must go all out to make the book seen, otherwise, it’s all too easy for your book launch to be swallowed up and over-shadowed by a writer who is keen to invest in the success of their book.

There are numerous ways to market your book and while we specify a press release is an important component for success, you should also consider online and offline marketing and of course, make the most of social media opportunities. Some aspects of book marketing can be done by you personally, other aspects may need a professional to guide you through the pitfalls and save you time and money. There’s no quick way to success, if you are publishing a book, it is important that you start thinking out your marketing strategy right now.

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