Want A Quirky Book Promotion Campaign That Works? Do It For Free.

Any author will tell you that writing a book is seriously a labour of love. It tugs at your emotions, it sends you to the depths of despair when the words do not come and, you have to dig deep to harden your resolve to finish your book.  But then, once you have typed that final word, elation like no other washes over you. WOW. You’ve done it. You have achieved your goal.  But, then, the cold reality seeps in. Who is going to see it? How can you attract the right readers? This is a problem that affects most authors.

If your book promotion budget is limited, you have to be a little imaginative and be prepared to put in some ground work.

There’s no avoiding it. A solid book campaign is vital if you want to make your book rise to the lofty top 10 in any category and you can’t give up then and think those sales will continue to come, you must keep driving sales so to keep your book afloat. After all, other authors are going to do the same to promote their books. If you don’t go the extra mile, your book is likely to  plummet like a stone. After all your hard work, that’s going to hurt.

So, here are a few great ways to boost your own book promotion campaign:

5 Reasons to Read

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Book Bubble

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Facebook videos

If you don’t mind being in the spotlight, do a Facebook video and time it with your book launch or book news.

YouTube – create your own YouTube channel and promote your book to a whole new audience. Have fun with it. Don’t just record yourself saying I have a great book, be a little quirky and develop your YouTube persona. Go dark, go extreme, be a little off the wall.

My Book Progress

Want to keep readers enthused about your writing prior to the book launch? Use this great tool and gain real time support and enthusiastic readers.

Website promotions

Do you have your own website yet? If not, get one set up quickly. This is your author platform. It is the place that people will come to so to review your books or to find out more about upcoming books. Create downloadable PDF samples of your book and use it to get people to opt in for your author newsletter. You can also create a tweetable elevator pitch so that fans can share it. Not sure how? Use the Click to Tweet plugin for WordPress. You can also use quotes and blog posts to entice book enthusiasts.

Promotional tools

Create your own postcards, posters, book markers or even design a t-shirt and boldly promote your book on your chest. No doubt people will start to ask questions. Try to come up with eye-catching ways to make the book title or an image speak volumes about your book.

So there you are, some quirky book promotion tips that really work. But, remember, as time-consuming as it may be, you need to keep on top of your book promotion schedule otherwise your book placement will slip. If you don’t have time, we can help.




Book Promotion – One Whoppingly Vital Element for Publishing Success

Most authors embark upon their dreams of writing a book without giving much consideration to book promotion. After all, that comes much later, right? Wrong. The best starting point for promoting your book is before you’ve even started writing it and of course, during the planning stage. It may sound as if you are in it for the long haul when it comes to book promotion but, without a doubt, the success of your book depends upon it. In the early stages, it’s all about the planning and if you can think like a marketing pro, your book sales will reward you.

book promotion

Book promotion and the creative process

I have worked in the publishing industry for a great many years – yes, even before digital books exploded onto the scene, and a great many authors were waiting for this with baited-breath. Through my own mistakes, and, through studying and researching the publishing industry, one very important thing became apparent. The emphasis had to be on the author taking responsibility for book promotion. Why? Because the industry was changing rapidly and as a result, even traditional publishing had its wings clipped when it came to promotional funds.

Publishers stopped investing in unknown writers but promoted those who had already made it, after all, they were a safe bet in an industry that literally was evolving as everyone watched. As a result, many new authors or, those who were considered a risk, suddenly had to find their own way to make their books known and, suddenly, the creative process was not enough. Let’s be honest, you could write the best book ever but, unless you had money to throw at book promotion, it was obvious that your book could sink without trace.

Set the foundations of book promotion

book promotion

When you start contemplating your book, this is the time to consider book promotion. Forge the foundations of it. By doing so, you create the mindset needed for success. You create the right approach considering where you could promote your book and what the marketing angle might be. You consider whether to have press releases or, to hire a company who specializes in book promotion. Or, you could look for free sites that may publish details of your book so to get the message out there. Each book may require a different approach, but you must formulate a plan otherwise, your wonderful book will just not be seen. That’s the harsh reality.

Don’t wait


The mistake I made with my first book was not investing enough time in the marketing process. Sadly, I rushed it and paid the price. This is a classic new author mistake. If you are reading this and nodding profusely, then, you’ll know the importance of a little strategic planning next time. At the time, self-publishing was all-new and success, not guaranteed. Marketing options were a little hit and miss but, opportunities for success were available.

Nowadays, you have to be ultra-smart. You may wish to utilize press releases for media attention. Or, you can submit your book to free marketing sites in the hopes they may promote. Equally, use paid-for advertising to get the word out there. But, don’t make the mistake in randomly selecting advertising methods. Think it through. It’s easy to spend a fortune and achieve absolutely nothing.





Self Publishing – The Power of the Blurb

If you are venturing into the myriad of twists and turns that is the self publishing route, never underestimate the power of the blurb. I have seen many beautifully presented books with dazzling covers and great titles appear to run out of steam when it comes to the all-important blurb.

self publishing

How to be successful

To be successful in self-publishing, you need to consider all angles – so, you are a writer, an author, a publisher and marketer too. It is difficult wearing all those hats and it is understandable to feel overwhelmed by it all, but, write down the tasks and work on them one at a time.  But, do think about each step carefully. The success of your book depends on it.

In addition, your book blurb has to be incredibly tightly written. Plus, it has to engage the potential reader right from the start. So, depending on the type of book you are planning to publish, you may need to write from the heart. Dig deep within your soul and think about what might resonate with you. This at least gives you a starting point.

Wear your self publishing hat

self publishing

With self publishing, you have to think about every aspect of promotion. It can be as simple as adding a few opening lines to the top of your blurb. Just ensure these incite interest. If they don’t, then, you need to work harder on these sentences and make them evocative.

Self-publishing is not easy but it does bring great opportunities. As such, take your time, think about it and provide the best blurb possible. Aim for a powerfully written invite into the book that you are passionate about. It could make the difference between lots of sales or no sales at all. Self publishing is a wonderful venture into the unknown. The way forward is not always apparent but, it’s a fabulous chance to get your work out there into the public sphere and to make a name for yourself.


Self-Promotion Vs. Self-Procrastination – Do it the Right Way


by Annette Young

When it comes to book promotion, you may well be one of a large group of authors who like to bury their heads in the sand but, newsflash, procrastinating, hiding or refusing to join the self-promotion bandwagon will get you precisely nowhere.

As a publisher and author, I know how important your book is to you. You wouldn’t have written it if it didn’t mean something. But, your book is just one among masses, not just competing for physical book space but, for digital space too. So, remember, you only have a short space of time to make an impact for your book and this should start long before the publishing date. You can pay for publicity, have someone set up ads for you, create flyers, etc. But, there are things you can do for FREE and it makes sense to make the most of any publicity available. But, you had best get your timing right.

I am a firm believer in the power of the press release. Even if you don’t use one of the professional distributors, you can still write a press release and distribute it to your local newspapers. Make it concise and play the local angle. Start promoting your book approximately two months in advance. So, send announcements to your local radio and TV stations, newspapers, book distributors and so on.

When your book is published i.e. you have a physical copy in your hands, send an updated press release along with a copy of your book to some or all of those you had contacted previously. You may not hear anything or, you may find yourself contacted for interviews or even book signings. Don’t faint at the thought. Try to enjoy your moment in the spotlight. You can also have fliers made of the book jacket and ask local bookshops if they will display it near the till point.  But don’t just leave it there, give them some copies of the book too – try the Sale or Return angle. If they decline, give them a copy and ask them to read it and encourage their friends to buy it.

Are your friends avid readers? Ask them to talk about your book (be fair, only when they have read it and liked it) word of mouth is a really powerful way to promote and if they talk about it enough, others are likely to buy a copy. Ask your local library or doctors or dentists if they will stock your promotional fliers. When people are bored, nervous or sick, they will want to distract themselves and your colourful looking promotional literature may incite interest.

Is your book about a subject that local people will really want to see? Is your book about something that local groups will be interested in? If you have written a book on Yorkshire Terriers and there happens to be a specific group of dedicated enthusiasts regarding this breed of dog, well, drop them a line. You must always look for the angle.

Local interest is a great way to promote for free but you must be prepared to put yourself out there and promote with enthusiasm. Don’t be shy. Self-promotion is essential these days. If you want to be an author, you must also be a marketer. Accept it, relish it and now promote like crazy.




Why Book Sales May Fizzle Out

Your Book Sales

It’s an author’s worst nightmare. You’ve spent much time and energy writing your book and now that it is published, you’ve noticed a gradual slump in book sales. Why? There are several possible reasons but one may be that your book is in a niche that is too small. People often think if they aim for a very small and highly targeted niche, this will work in their favour but, if you only have several thousand potential readers, then at some point, your book sales are naturally going to fizzle out. This is not uncommon in self-publishing and with new authors’, after all, why would those new to publishing understand all the rules? It’s impossible, but, market size is an important consideration.

By comparison, you may have published a book in a niche which is expansive and the crux of the matter is that your book just hasn’t been seen. Let’s be realistic, if your book is not visible on the first few search pages of Amazon, you are unlikely to sell many copies. So, market saturation is the problem. It is possible to make some changes which could improve your ranking but, there may well be other considerations too. The title may not grab attention or you just haven’t cracked the essentials of marketing yet.


Book Marketing and the Power of the Press Release

Book marketing

So you are in the process of publishing a book and now, you have suddenly realised that you need to start marketing it. But how? There are so many options available to authors these days but the cost of publishing a book and making it visible to potential buyers can be quite high if you rush into the process without having a plan.

Writing, publishing and marketing generally can seem a little overwhelming if you are fairly new to the industry but don’t worry, instead of trying to do a little of everything, choose two or three book marketing plans and build your strategy around them.

Press releases can be surprisingly useful when it comes to book marketing but often, new authors fail to use a press release because they do not consider it suitable for the average person. Press releases may appear synonymous with celebrities or for large corporate companies but the average person, yes, the humble author can make use of them too.


Self-Publishing and Why You Should Do It


If you have been a writer for a long time, you’ll know the frustration of trying to get published in the days prior to self-publishing and Amazon. It was extremely difficult to incite the attention of an agent or publisher and when the rejection slips inevitably wound their way back, they often didn’t hint as to the reason why.

Now, self-publishing has become the norm. It opens up so many opportunities these days.  It gives unique access to the dream that was typically forbidden to many – yes, even potentially great writers. Rejections were so commonplace that it took something more than a little special to earn an official ‘published’ status. So while self-publishing has made tremendous progress, there are still many people who feel unsure about the ethics of doing so.

If you push that thought aside, instead, consider what self-publishing could mean for you personally. It gives you the chance to earn some extra money from your creative endeavours. It gives you the status of published author. It also means that you can build a dedicated readership and, still gain traditional publishing success if you so choose.