Virtual Book Tours

We love books and have been helping authors to promote their books since 2007. A virtual book tour is our latest addition to a wide range of services all designed to help you the author to sell more books. A virtual book tour is fun and rewarding. It adds a new dimension to the whole book marketing process. Whether you are running a discounted or free book promotion or, just wish to give your book some time in the spotlight, we can help.

Our Virtual Book Tours are inexpensive. We have designed them carefully so that they give your book an exceptional push in an already crowded marketplace.

We are the book promotion specialists.

We are authors, editors and book publicists. We care about your book and you can trust us to deliver. So, what do we need from you?

We need to know the dates of your promotion and would prefer that we have two weeks in which to plan the tour schedule. But you can book anytime. Due to the pandemic, our book tours are virtual but that does not mean any the less effective. We have a variety of virtual book tours so you can choose the one that fits your needs. Send us the date of the promotion, the title of your book, the URL’s (Amazon etc.) We also need an electronic copy of the book and to know which virtual book tour you would like. Please submit this information by email. Our email address is

Virtual book tours

The 5 Day Book Cover Reveal Virtual Book Tour costs £35 is a fun way to build up excitement and enthusiasm for your book. This will only work if you have not yet published the book and cover or if you are planning a new cover design. We will arrange to tease the public and promote on at least 5 book sites plus Twitter.

The Excerpt Virtual Book Tour costs just £65 and runs from Monday- Friday. We include 5-10 stops and a whole lot of promotion thrown in for good measure.

The Weekend Virtual Book Tour costs £75 and includes unique interviews along with multiple guest posts. Each stop provides unique content and careful placement. Our aim is to give your book an incredible boost so that people sit up and take notice.

The Complete Book Blast Virtual Book Tour costs £250 and is for a full 30-days. It includes excerpts, blog posts, interviews, video and we arrange a giveaway too so that the book builds momentum. The package includes online book reviews. This is a comprehensive book tour.

Let us take the stress out of your book promotion endeavours. We are professional in our approach and always provide an exceptional service. Please note that we will always work hard on your behalf but do not guarantee book sales. This is dependent on many factors.