Want to Promote Your Book Locally?

Book marketing

by Annette Young

No doubt about it, the book marketing process causes more grey hairs and worry lines than the whole writing process. New authors fear it and less-than dedicated authors give up. It’s important to see the whole marketing process as a business and where possible to enjoy it rather than it being a ‘dread-doing’ but must do’ scenario each day. If you want to seriously promote your book, here are a few ideas that you may not have yet considered.

1. If your book is based on a local area topic, this makes it easier to market to those who live in your town or city because you can visit your local newspaper, (hand in a press release) advertise locally and become somewhat of a local expert. This latter point is particularly relevant if you have written a non-fiction book and it affects those who live in the area.

2. If you have written a novel and you have based it in key areas of your town or city, ask local businesses to promote it for you. Ask local hotels or bed and breakfasts if they will keep some paperback books in their reception area and leave on a sale or return basis.

3. Offer some sample chapters out to readers. If you have a website and plenty of followers, this can generate some serious sales. You can also leave leaflets at your local book shops or, at the library offering free sample chapters. This is a great way to capitalise in your local area. Of course, your opening chapters must be really strong and highly-compelling. If you are not sure about how good your opening pages are, click HERE.

4. One of the main reasons why authors struggle to market their books is because they don’t enjoy their time in the spotlight. So, the thought of having that spotlight shining very brightly on them is far too daunting. But, if you can take the plunge and contact your local radio station, they may be all too happy to do an interview with you. This can lead to book sales so don’t shy away from it.

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