Why Book Sales May Fizzle Out

Your Book Sales

It’s an author’s worst nightmare. You’ve spent much time and energy writing your book and now that it is published, you’ve noticed a gradual slump in book sales. Why? There are several possible reasons but one may be that your book is in a niche that is too small. People often think if they aim for a very small and highly targeted niche, this will work in their favour but, if you only have several thousand potential readers, then at some point, your book sales are naturally going to fizzle out. This is not uncommon in self-publishing and with new authors’, after all, why would those new to publishing understand all the rules? It’s impossible, but, market size is an important consideration.

By comparison, you may have published a book in a niche which is expansive and the crux of the matter is that your book just hasn’t been seen. Let’s be realistic, if your book is not visible on the first few search pages of Amazon, you are unlikely to sell many copies. So, market saturation is the problem. It is possible to make some changes which could improve your ranking but, there may well be other considerations too. The title may not grab attention or you just haven’t cracked the essentials of marketing yet.

You need to assess what may be affecting your book and endeavour to make changes where necessary. It may be that you have to run a very visible book marketing campaign, re-release the book under a revised title, change the book cover or, even arrange a book launch at a later date.  If you are struggling with this, ask for advice.

There may be another reason too. Traditional publishing generally meant that books had been reviewed by a series of professional editors prior to publication but with self-publishing, many miss this stage out which can be costly. Although if budget is limited, it’s understandable however, it can be a seriously costly mistake leading to few book sales and negative book reviews.

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