Why Your Book May Be Rejected

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If you are after a traditional publishing deal, there are many reasons as to why your book might get rejected and it may have nothing to do with the quality of your words.  While it is important to make sure each word has been highly polished, your storyline or topic could be the reason as to your rejection. If the theme is all-too-familiar to the agent or publisher, there may be too many books all vying for publication. Following the Harry Potter book success, publishers were inundated with variations of this theme.

Writing a book is hard work and this doesn’t stop when the last word is committed to paper.  It’s important to research for the best agent or publisher to approach. Not all representatives in the publishing industry are equal. They must be familiar with the topic or the genre before considering representing you. Place a manuscript in the wrong hands, and a rejection slip is likely.

The publishing industry is totally different these days.  Although competition for a publishing deal has always been high, once represented, the new author could almost guarantee book sales and that the publishers would promote the book. It is different now. The author has to have a proven track record and be prepared to market their books and to build their brand. It would be rare for representation to occur if this aspect is not evident.  

Your book may also be in a market that is less than popular. It may be an area in which you are highly knowledgeable but it doesn’t make it popular with the general readers. It’s a good idea to keep one finger on the pulse of marketing trends and to read as many books as possible in your chosen niche – and in particular, those books which are successful.  What makes them successful? What is their style of writing? What does the cover design look like? Who is the author? 

A little research can go a long, long way.

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