Author Platform – How Visible Is Yours?

Publishingby Annette Young

There’s so much advice available in the book publishing world and it is often overwhelming for anyone new to the realms of publishing. But, one thing you may have heard of is that of the author platform. Make no mistake, it is an absolute necessity for any serious writer and forms a solid starting point on which to build your career. The best way of building your author platform is to have your very own website. It doesn’t need to be ultra-fancy. In fact, the best author sites are aesthetically pleasing and simplistic in terms of design. You just need to direct potential readers to your site and to intrigue them long enough that they may wish to read an excerpt of your book, or, to sign up for your mailing list so that you can tempt them at a later date.

Some authors feel that they can direct readers to Amazon and other book publishing sites, so why bother with a website? Yes, this is true, you can and should send readers to your books sales pages, but an author platform i.e. your website, can do a lot more for you than just promote your books. If you wish to engage with your audience, to let dedicated readers know more about you and to generate a buzz when you write and publish a new book, then, have a website. It represents you out of hours. You cannot be available all the time and you cannot promote your books constantly, so let your website do the talking for you when you are taking a well-deserved rest from book promotion.

It doesn’t matter if you know very little about website creation, it’s actually easy to do once you understand the basics, or are shown how. There’s no need to pay out a huge amount out either, and if you don’t know where to start, you can find the easiest way toward website creation HERE.

If you wish writing to become your business and you want to make money from your efforts, then, consider building an author website and make your platform, both substantial and profitable.

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