Create a Book Marketing Strategy

Ask any author who ventures into the self-publishing arena what the most difficult aspect of the publishing process was and they are likely to say book marketing. The reason for this is simple, most authors who are relatively new on the scene would admit that they know little about marketing. They may have spent years learning writing techniques to help engage their readers but, are suddenly thrust into the marketing arena when it comes to generating sales.

book marketing

Think it through

If you want your book to do well, you have to consider what your overall goal is. What story are you telling? Are you sharing knowledge that will resonate with a great many? Understanding what your book is about on an analytical level will help you to develop a strong book marketing strategy.

It’s important to find a unique selling proposition (USP) and once you have achieved this, you can plan how to impart your key message to the world. You also need to know who your target audience is. Think about the age of your anticipated readers and the type of interests they might have. You need to create a book that will resonate with them.


  • How to generate awareness of you as the author
  • How to create events to market your book
  • How to get online and offline exposure

Book marketing – specialist or self-promotion?

Book Marketing

You must also consider what budget you have at your disposal and also, the time factor too. Ideally, an ongoing marketing plan is vital but if you don’t have the time to commit to this, consider hiring a specialist company. Talk to the company about your goals and discuss an action plan. There are many things you can do to promote your book yourself so, don’t just sit back and let it happen. After all, if you have invested months or even, years of work in writing your book, go the extra mile. Give it the best send off possible.