Want A Quirky Book Promotion Campaign That Works? Do It For Free.

Any author will tell you that writing a book is seriously a labour of love. It tugs at your emotions, it sends you to the depths of despair when the words do not come and, you have to dig deep to harden your resolve to finish your book.  But then, once you have typed that final word, elation like no other washes over you. WOW. You’ve done it. You have achieved your goal.  But, then, the cold reality seeps in. Who is going to see it? How can you attract the right readers? This is a problem that affects most authors.

If your book promotion budget is limited, you have to be a little imaginative and be prepared to put in some ground work.

There’s no avoiding it. A solid book campaign is vital if you want to make your book rise to the lofty top 10 in any category and you can’t give up then and think those sales will continue to come, you must keep driving sales so to keep your book afloat. After all, other authors are going to do the same to promote their books. If you don’t go the extra mile, your book is likely to  plummet like a stone. After all your hard work, that’s going to hurt.

So, here are a few great ways to boost your own book promotion campaign:

5 Reasons to Read

This is one of our great new book promotional tools and you can have your book promoted for FREE while we tell the world about it. The concept is simple, you must tell us why readers would love it so, get your creative head on. This is only free for a while SO DON’T MISS OUT.

Book Bubble

This is our Facebook page with over 13,000 book enthusiasts and we are happy to promote your book for free. We are always looking for short author interviews so message us here.

Facebook videos

If you don’t mind being in the spotlight, do a Facebook video and time it with your book launch or book news.

YouTube – create your own YouTube channel and promote your book to a whole new audience. Have fun with it. Don’t just record yourself saying I have a great book, be a little quirky and develop your YouTube persona. Go dark, go extreme, be a little off the wall.

My Book Progress

Want to keep readers enthused about your writing prior to the book launch? Use this great tool and gain real time support and enthusiastic readers.

Website promotions

Do you have your own website yet? If not, get one set up quickly. This is your author platform. It is the place that people will come to so to review your books or to find out more about upcoming books. Create downloadable PDF samples of your book and use it to get people to opt in for your author newsletter. You can also create a tweetable elevator pitch so that fans can share it. Not sure how? Use the Click to Tweet plugin for WordPress. You can also use quotes and blog posts to entice book enthusiasts.

Promotional tools

Create your own postcards, posters, book markers or even design a t-shirt and boldly promote your book on your chest. No doubt people will start to ask questions. Try to come up with eye-catching ways to make the book title or an image speak volumes about your book.

So there you are, some quirky book promotion tips that really work. But, remember, as time-consuming as it may be, you need to keep on top of your book promotion schedule otherwise your book placement will slip. If you don’t have time, we can help.