Characters That Kill Writing Course

Understanding the human mind is vital when you are writing about complex characters and those who kill. There are multiple reasons as to why people kill unexpectedly. Their circumstances could be highly pressured, life may be spiraling out of control and suddenly, one event triggers an angry response. Then, there are those who calmly and coldly react to stimulus in a chilling way. This writing course provides you with a unique perspective as to what drives people to kill. We discuss how to make your characters seem deliciously evil and highly believable.

Writing Course

This course can be used alongside others but is very much a standalone course. It is short but powerful and looks at all the aspects that can lead to murderous intent. Written by author and Creative1 Publishing editor – Annette J Beveridge, it delves into the realms of psychology.

This writing course is vital if you wish to expand your ability to skillfully create dynamic and believable characters.

The course contains a serious of concise writing tasks within to help you think and feel like a professional writer. Plus, if you complete the final task, you will receive detailed feedback to help you progress further. All of our writing courses are available to writers worldwide.

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