The First Page Writing Course

Interesting in publishing a book or short story? The first page must be strong and tightly-written if you are going to captivate readers. While all the book has to be of the highest standard, if the opening page does not grab the reader’s interest, they will not bother with the story, so the first page must be highly polished.

Publishing a successful book is not easy. The book industry is crammed to over-flowing with well-written books and so, you need to be sure that every aspect of your manuscript works and is written with the readers in mind. It’s easy to consider the first page the most important as it is the professionalism and ability to manage the craft of writing that enables you to hook readers in an instant.

Consider this; how many books have made a great first impression on you? Equally, how many books did not do so and did you discard the book because it lacked impact?

Whether you are writing a short story or a novel, you still need to grab the readers’ attention and we show you how to tighten up your writing with powerful creative writing tips, techniques and examples so you can write with confidence and conviction. Most importantly, you will learn how to dangle a tantalizing hook in front of the reader and draw them into the plot in an instant.

So how does it work?

Sign up and we will send out all the information you need to craft a compelling first page. Review the material, recap and continue learning. Review all of the information, at your leisure.

Don’t make the mistake of not putting heart and soul into that opening page. Sign up today. Pay £17.95 today, or, you can make the equivalent payment in USD or Euros. We will send you an invoice through PayPal. Email here: