Good Publicity

Book Publicity

So, you’ve written a book and are now in the exciting stages of publishing it.  But then what happens? It’s often a misconception that new books will fly off Amazon’s (or other) proverbial shelves and the author is sent, hurtling towards millionaire status. Sadly, it’s highly unlikely, even if your book is beautifully written and word perfect, unless you are a well-known name and, even then, the odds are stacked against that type of success.

So what can you do to make your book perform well? The answer is simple.  Get some good publicity going. Tell the world about it before you even publish it… if you can. Don’t worry, if you’ve already pressed that button, it’s never too late to start promoting but you do need to throw yourself whole-heartedly into the process.

Create a plan.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? But stay on track. You must always remain focussed on all that you are trying to achieve. There are so many options available to you but you need to consider what will work best for your book? How much time can you dedicate to book promotion? Would you prefer to hand over the marketing aspects to someone else?

Write down all options and then consider in full:

  • What’s your budget for marketing?
  • Do you have an extended reach on social media?
  • Are you prepared to stand up and talk about your book?
  • Will you be able to chat to the media?
  • Is your book theme topical?
  • Does it have shock value?
  • Is it controversial?
  • Start building your brand.
  • Start to build a web presence.
  • Can you find a link to a latest trend or news item?

There’s lots to think about and the more you can plan your book marketing campaign the better or, talk to a book promotion specialist. Someone who knows the route to success. The best time to start thinking about the success of your book is right now. Whether you have just started writing it, have written it already or, have already published, don’t waste another second.

If you don’t know where to start, talk to us. We can help:

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