Horror Fiction Writing Course

Writing horror fiction isn’t just about crafting gruesome tales, it’s about the chilling, sinister psychological horrors that send chills up your spine. If you have ever wished to write horror fiction, or to add sinister scenes to your stories, this creative writing course will give you the techniques and the thought processes needed to bring your scenes to life. This writing course enables you to crawl into the minds of your characters and to understand what makes for horrific scenes. We teach you how to tap into those everyday doubts and fears and how to build suspense.

Horror fiction

This is a powerful course and provides feedback.

We are based in the UK so please allow time for us to send you the writing course. This is especially important if you reside in another time zone. If you would like the course sent to an alternate email than the one listed on your PayPal account, please email us at: contact@creative1publishing.com

Pay just £65 here.

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