It’s Your Life Story – Make The Most Of It

The fabric of our lives are made up of richly-woven memories and it is these that craft the essence of our being. We all have our own wonderful experiences – these contain a mixture of those that are deeply inspiring and gratifying and those that are not. All our experiences shape us in ways you may not imagine. These resonate with us but, they may also reach out and touch the lives of others too.  As such, your life story is interesting.

life story

Your life story – as it is

You may not think that your life is wildly exciting. You may even feel that it is deadly dull, after all, we all yearn to expand the boundaries sometimes, but, share some of your tales to others and they may marvel at your experiences. Share your tales of woe, and the journey of highs and lows and others may connect with you as their experiences mirror your own.

Writing as therapy

You don’t have to write the whole of your life story, but, you can use aspects of it to incite interest in fiction or, to write a non-fiction book to help others. People often think that their lives are just not that interesting but, that’s not true. Emotions, experiences, events all make you the person you are and no two people’s lives are the same. Find a unique element and build your story around this.

Writing can be incredibly therapeutic too. When I wrote Emotional Abuse – Get Out Of My Head and Out of My Bed, I was not initially planning to write it as a book, but the words poured out. Suddenly, I realised that it needed to be a book. Since, it has helped many others who have shared similar stories. I have been so grateful that I did share those memories and my own development since those days.

There are many ways in which your life story can help or encourage others, but, if you don’t know your starting point, maybe we can help? There really could be a good book hiding inside of you.