Creative1 Publishing is currently expanding. We are working very hard behind the scenes to create an array of magazines that will entertain and enthuse. Our aim is to provide exciting, compelling fiction and non-fiction magazines and to open up wonderful new publishing opportunities for writers. Submissions are welcome from writers on a global basis and YES, we are a paying market.


Introducing our fiction magazines.

We are thrilled to announce three fabulous fiction magazines. Each magazine has a wonderful array of imaginative stories and all are crafted so to entertain. You will find an array of genres, unique story ideas and complexities along with well-developed characters guaranteed to hook you from the very first word. 


Our amazing magazines are designed for the avid reader. Find a quiet corner and dip in and out of the stories at will. Our aim is to rebuild the fiction market which has been greatly impacted in recent years. We are striving to attract enthusiastic and talented writers across the globe.

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