Full Manuscript Critique Offer

Offer Closes 15th August 2020. 

Are you working on a novel currently and would love to have your manuscript professionally reviewed when finished? Do you have unpublished manuscripts tucked away and would like an honest opinion of their merit? Perhaps you have received some negative reviews of your novel following publication and want to fix any issues now.

If so,  you are in the right place. We have a fabulous offer for you. If you book now, you can submit your manuscript to us by 15th November 2020. This is perfect if you have not finished writing your manuscript yet but do not want to miss out on this great offer.

A professional manuscript evaluation can quite simply make the difference between publication and rejection. It is the difference between positive reviews and negative reviews and the difference between a successful novel rather than an unsuccessful one.

We provide an impartial eye ascertaining every aspect of your fictional work prior to it being published. 

Here at Creative1 Publishing, we are aware that in order to produce work to the desired professional standard, it can be greatly beneficial to have a qualified third-party read and critique your manuscript. As such, we offer constructive and honest feedback so to strengthen and improve your book.

This means you can publish and sell it with confidence.

Friends and family members will be supportive and encouraging but this is not the same as having professionals critique your work. We provide accurate and realistic feedback which is vital for progression.

We provide a professional, high-quality evaluation service for novels of all lengths and reassuring guidance helping you amend any areas of development so that your manuscript is fully polished and written to a professional level.

Don’t take risks with your novel. Grab this bargain price today. Just £75 instead of £125.

Please send your manuscript to: contact@creative1publishing.com and mark the subject line with Critique Offer.

Not finished writing your novel yet? Don’t worry, book now and secure the special offer price and submit your manuscript by 15th November 2020.