Manuscript Critique

manuscript critique

We know how much work goes into writing a book and so, we offer our professional manuscript critique service which highlights strengths and weaknesses. We offer suggestions to help you improve any issues but will also respond to any questions that you may have. We know how important your manuscript is to you and we make sure that we help you to polish those words. This is an in-depth review of your work and it is our aim to help you polish it to perfection. Remember, your words represent you and each word must count.

For novels, we critique the structure, opening, and closing paragraphs, plot, point of view, pace, dialogue, and characterisation.

For non-fiction, we consider the style of writing, consistency, structure, pace, and content.

All manuscript critiques consider every aspect of your book.

We provide three options:

Chapter One  – costs £20.00 (Maximum of 5,000 words. Allow 3-days for completion)

Chapters One, Two and Three – costs £39.95 (Maximum 20,000 words. Allow up to 5-days)

Full critique – costs £125 (Allow up to 14-days)

A critique does not include the editing of your work. It provides you with the chance to view your manuscript as if through the eyes of a reader or, an editor. Careful feedback is provided so you can strengthen those words and engage your readers fully. Make revisions and you will feel far more confident about publishing, reducing the potential for negative feedback or refunds once published.

Order a professional manuscript critique today and give your book a chance to shine.

Chapter One Critique

Chapters One, Two and Three Critique

Full Manuscript Critique

We accept payment in GBP, USD or Euros. If you would prefer to pay in USD or Euros, please contact us and we can invoice you through PayPal.