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Are you a writer looking for some special offers or perhaps, some support in your creative endeavors? Bookmark this page and check it out often as you may grab yourself a bargain. We have so many ways in which to help streamline the whole publishing experience so that you can accelerate your potential to boost book sales.

Current promotions include:

Chapter One – Professional manuscript critique

We critique hundreds, if not thousands, of fiction and non-fiction books and we take our role seriously. While we are always supportive, we provide an honest appraisal of your book and you receive a thorough and detailed report on every aspect of the manuscript. When we review complete novels – we look at characterization, the opening paragraphs and the closing paragraphs and consider plot strength and depth, consistency of style, dialogue, pace and so on. For non-fiction – we look at content, style consistency, readability, market audience, scope and potential etc.

First Chapter Manuscript Critique

We offer a professional publishing service from start to finish and this is the best way to iron out any issues in your manuscript prior to publication. We spot details that you are likely to miss and this is vital. After all, you want to give your readers what they need – a compelling book.

Chapter One Critique


We know how important the opening chapter is. Book sales depend upon your ability to draw the reader into the story. We cast a professional eye over the opening paragraphs and scrutinize those words. After all, it’s important to not take risks with your manuscript.

Let us appraise your words and provide you professional advice as to how it may be improved. We don’t just tell you about any necessary edits, we tell you all the good aspects too. Our approach both educates and guides so that you believe in your skills, can build upon the foundations of your writing and produce work to publication standard.

We take your words seriously….so should you.

Order now for just £17.95. The offer is valid until July 15th 2020. Book now and submit when ready.

Note – you can also pay in USD or Euros. Please ask us to send you an invoice via PayPal.

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Make your payment and then send your first chapter to: please add first chapter offer to the subject line.

Note: Your first chapter must be a maximum of 6000 words.

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