Can you unravel the clues?

The Clue Fiction Magazine is bi-monthly and filled with captivating stories to entertain and enthral. The ethos is simple. We provide you with strong, compelling stories about the dark side of human nature – murder, suspense, intrigue and mystery. Each story is beautifully crafted and explores the multiple layers of the human condition all the way down to the murky depths. Our writers are not afraid to take you on a journey of darkness, leading you on a suspenseful journey of complex twists and turns. Get ready to face the mysteries that will tease the conscious mind.

The Clue Fiction Magazine

Get ready to play the sleuth

One story in each publication will afford the opportunity of a prize. The story will be written with carefully concealed clues along with a few red herrings. If you solve the clues and send in your answer, you may just win a prize. Dust off your deerstalker hat and pick up your magnifying glass and take on the role of super sleuth.

Sound intriguing? We offer two fabulous subscriptions – purchase your copy bi-monthly or, save money with an annual subscription. The first issue will be sent out in July 2020.

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