Twist in the Tale Writing Course

The twist in the tale story is always so popular and writers are often surprised by the complexities that go hand in hand with stories with a twist ending. The starting point is all-important as is mapping out the story so you know how to develop a strong ending that will leave readers feeling satisfied.

Twist Writing Course

Many writers new to this technique make it all too-obvious as to the ending and this is frustrating for all. Or, there is the risk of spending too long building the story and the end fizzles out.

The Twist in the Tale writing course reveals how to avoid these common mistakes and streamlines the whole process so you feel fully confident. This writing course tells you everything you need to know to write believable and compelling stories with a powerful twist ending.

The ending should catch the reader by surprise and yet, be beautifully written without rushing. Pace is everything.

Study this course at home in your own time.

This course is available for writers on a worldwide basis but please note that there may be a delay in submitting the course if in a different timezone. If your preferred email address is different to the one used with PayPal, please write to us to let us know. Email:

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