Read the guidelines fully

Welcome to our writers guidelines page, please review the individual guidelines carefully and would suggest that you study the magazines prior to sending submissions. Consider taking out a subscription so that you can gain a feel for our magazines.

STORM Fiction

STORM Fiction is a quarterly magazine of extraordinary stories and we launch with the autumn edition in August 2020. We would love to hear from writers who would like to place their work with us. We want to hook readers from the very first word and require short stories that captivate and compel readers. Think thought-provoking and original fiction that pushes boundaries.

Our ethos is tempestuous and unpredictable fiction. Create a story but bring it to life with strong characterisation. Characters must be 3-dimensional and believable. Create multiple layers within the storyline but write with tight conviction. We are open to receiving submissions in a variety of genres but remember that the ethos is stormy, tempestuous, and unpredictable fiction. Write with integrity and with the readers in mind.

We accept short stories from 500 words to 2000 words but each word must count. We are more interested in the quality of the words than the length. If you can write a credible story that fits the remit detailed above in just 1000 words, do that. We like to reward writers but appreciate in these early stages, the rate of play is low. We have already increased the fees for writers and will continue to do so as our subscription base grows. The rates of pay currently are as follows: £10 for 500-1000 words or £25 FOR 1001-2000 words.

We are happy to encourage and support our writers. If we receive work that holds merit, then, we will happily suggest ways for the author to develop it. Payment is made at the time of publication through PayPal. We will pay the equivalent rate in US dollars so welcome submissions from writers outside of the UK. If you have any queries or wish to submit a story for publication, please contact us at contact@creative1publishing.com Mark the subject line STORM Fiction. Send one story at a time.

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HUSH the Word Weekly

Hush The Word

Hush the Word is a weekly fiction magazine and we require short powerful stories. We prefer submissions to have 500-1000 words so kick-start the story at a compelling point. There is no opportunity to waste words when writing flash fiction – you MUST hook readers immediately. As we are a weekly magazine, we are looking to build up a stable of dedicated writers who will write for us regularly. Our rates are: £10 per story. If you can produce a compelling story in just 500 words, do so. If you need 999, that’s fine. We appreciate payment is lower than we would like and plan to increase our rates as the subscription base grows. We welcome submissions from writers of all levels and on a worldwide basis.

Note: We want thought-provoking, compelling and original stories. We are happy for twist in the tale fiction or submissions in any genre. It is more what you leave out than what you put in and by this we mean, we want your story to resonate with readers. Your aim is to make readers think and to feel and to contemplate long after they have finished reading. Think you can deliver? Send your fiction submissions – one at a time to contact@creative1publishing.com

Please mark the subject line with Hush the Word Submission. Payment is made at the time of publication by PayPal. Want to take out a subscription to HUSH the Word? Click HERE.

The Clue

The Clue Fiction Magazine

The Clue is a bi-monthly fiction magazine which focuses on the dark side of human nature. We are looking for strong, powerful fiction that captivate readers from the opening words. We are open to creative interpretation but would like to receive fiction in the following creative niches – mystery, murder, suspense and crime fiction. Consider your title carefully. We want the title to captivate and intrigue and it must be followed up by a well-crafted story.

We would like most of our stories to be between 500 and 1000 words. There are more opportunities for stories in this section. In each magazine, we will provide a longer story – one littered with clues and red herrings so to tease the readers. Think of this as a good old fashioned whodunnit. Do not cheat the readers. There is the potential for a prize for the reader who provides the right answer and where necessary, we will draw the winning reader’s name if there are multiple entries.

We pay our writers. Stories between 500-1000 words will receive £10. Stories between 1001 and 2000 words will receive £25. For our Whodunnit, you can submit up to 2,500 and we will pay £35. We hope to increase these payments as our subscription base increases.

Please note that we want tightly-written stories. Build the story, develop the characters but remember, your starting point is important.

Ready to get started? Send your submissions – one story at a time to contact@creative1publishing.com Paste the submission into the body of the email rather than sending attachments. Mark the subject line The Clue Submission.

If you wish to write for several of our publications, please send them separately.

We want to work with and reward our writers. We hope to develop long associations with those who take the time to provide carefully crafted submissions. We are looking at ways in which to do this.

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Important – Add your name, contact details, and title of the story to the email.