Writing A Book – Here’s Your Starting Point

by Annette J Beveridge

Take a moment to consider your deeply desired ambitions – of the creative kind at least. Is there a book formulating inside of you? Do you feel the need to commit those words to paper and to breathe life into your idea? If yes, let those words start to generate. When it comes to writing a book, it’s important to understand the process. This is important because it is not just about creativity and how to capture it. The aim is to keep one step ahead of the checklist and to streamline your approach.


Writing a book? Create a website

You may be wondering why creating a website would help if the writing process is taking over, but your website is really important. It becomes a marketing tool. It also helps to brand you as an author too. You can start to connect with your potential readers even while you are writing. Create a blog and detail your journey from the starting point all the way through to the published product. Others will be interested to see how you get on and before you know it, you have developed a following. You can also create and send out newsletter updates. It’s easy to forge the foundations of writing success. Creating a dedicated following is vital for your success. Add snippets from your book to your newsletter so that it incites interest from those who might buy your book.

Share your journey

Writing a book is like capturing a little piece of yourself. Yes, it is true. This is whether fiction or non-fiction. You write from the heart, from your experiences and with passion. You spend hours or days researching, fact-checking or, you sit mulling over ideas so to expand your book’s potential. Sharing that process, that journey of creativity with others is a great way to develop a connection with those who are likely to share your goals or who just love to read.


Your website is a part of you. Develop it, expand it and share it to family and friends and on social media. Do so with integrity and drive. Map your journey and learn by any mistakes. There’s no doubt about it, your own personal author page can start you on the stepping stones to success.

If you have written a novel and want to check your progress take a look here. If you would like to gain ideas for a website, take a look at the website of author/editor Annette J Beveridge.