Writing Courses to Inspire

If you wish to develop your writing skills, you are in the right place. We have created some unique and exciting writing courses to help you improve the basic skills of fiction writing. There are so many genres to explore and if you wish to write well within any genre, you have to consider what is required to breathe life into those characters and settings. There are so many writing techniques to learn if you wish to engage those who read your words, that it is important to study and try out the techniques. Once you perfect them, those techniques become second nature. We will soon have a wide array of writing courses to inspire and will provide training events in the future.

Our writing courses are sent by email. Work on your chosen course at a pace that suits you.

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Characters That Kill Writing Course

When you understand psychology, you write from an informed viewpoint and with greater conviction. You crawl inside the mind of those who kill.

You can envision their feelings and their aims making your characters seem highly believable or deliciously evil.

It is so important that you hook your readers and leave them wanting more. This writing course will help you to do just that.

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Crime Fiction Writing Course

If you would love to write crime fiction, then this writing course is for you.

We have taken all the elements of the great crime novels and translated them into tangible writing techniques to help you bring conniving and complex characters to life.

Crime fiction is hugely popular and this course will aid your progress when crafting compelling characters and intricate crimes.

We help you to plan and plot your way to success.

Solid information interlaced with creative tasks will help you put all of the techniques into play. Read more here.

Horror Fiction Writing Course

Writing horror fiction isn’t just about crafting gruesome tales, it’s about creating the chilling, sinister psychological horrors that send chills up your spine.

If you have ever yearned to write horror fiction, or to add sinister scenes to your stories so to have your readers sitting on the edges of their seats, then this creative writing course is for you.

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Romantic Fiction Writing Course

If you would like to write compelling romantic fiction but struggle to bring your characters to life or to make your romantic scenes credible, then, this writing course is for you.

It contains an abundance of techniques to help escalate your comprehension of the romantic arena and will make your romantic fiction sizzle.

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Twist in the Tale Writing Course

The twist in the tale story is always popular with both writers and readers alike, yet it can be difficult to write. It is important to understand what makes for a good story. Identifying the starting point and building the story is all-important. You have to also consider the ending and the twist in full. Your aim is to develop it for that surprise ending.

This writing course tells you everything you need to know to write believable and compelling stories with a twist ending.

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