Public Speaking Course

Public Speaking

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Have you ever wanted to become a professional public speaker? Are you an author and wish to gain the confidence and skills to engage and captivate your audience? Irrespective of your reasons for needing to present with confidence, speaking in public requires desire, practice and effortless technique.

Did you know that speaking in public is listed in the top ten fears and phobias?

Let’s cut to the chase. Does the thought of standing up and speaking in public make you absolutely quake? You are not alone if so, many people are absolutely terrified at the prospect of being in the spotlight but nowadays, there’s often the need to be able to do so.  Presenting to an audience -whether informally or formally can create a strong sense of nervousness. You have to believe you can do it, use the relevant skills and allow your personality to shine through.

There has never been a better time to learn the art of public speaking

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to learn all of the relevant skills and techniques and to overcome anxiousness at speaking in front of an audience. As a former trainer, motivational speaker and author, I have hosted meetings and presented to hundreds of people at a time. I know just how nerve-wracking it can be but I also know how exciting and rewarding public speaking can be…if you know and use the tricks of the trade. Fortunately, all the necessary skills and know-how is included in this online course. 

Presenting Skills

There is no need to be nervous, we work hard to make the transition enjoyable. All of our training courses and events are written to the highest standard and, with a creative flair to ensure learning is absorbed and becomes second nature.


Introduction – the importance of learning public speaking

Public speaking as a career

Creating a script

Motivation and opportunity

Over-coming nerves and moving beyond stage-fright

Breathing techniques

Vocal exercises

Speech introduction and powerful closing sections

Visual aids

Stage Presence

Managing meetings and presenting to peers

Body language and more

Whether you have some experience of public speaking or, if you are just keen to overcome your fears, this online training course is for you. Never worry about standing in the spotlight and speaking to groups of people again.

You will receive your certification of competence following completion of the course.

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